Allergies - Relief

Allergy is a clinical manifestation of an adverse immune response following repeated contact with usually harmless substances such as pollens, mold spores, animal dander, dust mites, foods and stinging insects. Allergic rhinitis is one of the most common allergic diseases in the United States, affecting between 20% and 25% of the population (approximately 40 million people). Although allergic rhinitis is not life threatening, its symptomatic effects are considerable, resulting in a significant diminished quality of life for many sufferers. A number of quality of life studies have shown that in almost every facet of daily life, including social and physical functionality, energy and fatigue levels, and a lack of sleep and mental health, patients with allergic rhinitis have a significant loss of quality of life as compared with nonallergic individuals. in fact, patients with allergic rhinitis have been shown to have a lower quality of life than many asthmatics. In addition, allergic rhinitis may contribute to sleep disorders and fatigue.

Are you experiencing...

      • Sneezing? 
      • Nasal congestion? 
      • Watery, red, itchy eyes? 
      • Running nose? 
      • Post nasal drip? 
      • Itching of the nose and throat?

You could be one of the 40 million Americans
who suffers from allergies.

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